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Public Works

Fredericka Miller- Public Works Director

843-479-9001 Ext. 310


Streets and Sanitation

The Public Works Department primary responsibilities are once per week solid waste and yard debris collection for residential customers. Two recycling drop-off sites are conveniently located for public use and are emptied on a daily basis. Commercial solid waste is provided three days per week. All solid waste is transported to appropriately permitted landfills for the respective waste. The city operates a solid waste transfer station to allow for efficient transportation of waste. The department is also responsible for street sweeping, litter collection, sidewalk and drainage maintenance, street name sign maintenance, demolition of abandoned structures, cleaning of overgrown lots, and mowing grass along primary highway right-of-ways. The Public Works Director over sees all divisions of the Public Works Department that is staffed by a total of seventeen employees.

Maintenance Shop

The Maintenance Shop is a division of the Public Works Department, which maintains all vehicles and equipment owned and operated by the city. A Shop Foreman and one Equipment Mechanic staff the division. The staff provides maintenance on approximately 95 vehicles and pieces of specialized equipment.

Beautification and Recycling

Beautification and Recycling is a division of the Public Works Department. This division is staffed with four department employees. They maintain two recycling drop-off centers, handle right-of-way mowing, overgrown lots and demolition of abandoned structures. The city currently accepts aluminum beverage cans, steel cans, #1 and #2 plastics, newspapers and magazines at the drop-off centers. The recycled items are collected and delivered to various markets without being baled or processed.