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Mission Statement

The mission of the Bennettsville Fire Department is to serve and provide to the citizens a professional department in fire suppression, prevention, and education. Also, to provide fire service personnel a safe work environment while in the performance of their duties.

History & Administration

The Bennettsville Fire Company began as a volunteer effort in 1911, to establish a firefighting organization. Although the Town of Bennettsville purchased their first horse drawn engine in 1906. It took 5 years to organize the Bennettsville Fire Company.

Today, we are known as the Bennettsville Fire Department. Together we have built a reputation for innovation, aggressive fire and rescue tactics, and progressive leadership in the fire service. The Bennettsville Fire Department is a combination department of 15 full-time firefighters and 15 volunteer firefighters who are trained at a national level of fire and rescue certifications. Our department works out of two stations. Our Headquarters Station is located at the Bennettsville Public Safety Complex and is located behind the Bennettsville Police Department. Our Northside Station is located on Oakwood St.



Fire Chief

Chris Burks

Chief Burks has been in the fire service since 2004.  His job is to direct and  supervise all activities of the Bennettsville Fire Department.

843-479-9001 ext. 301

Assistant Fire Chief

Dustin Bruce


843-479-9001 ext. 320

Fire Marshal

Donald Hamilton


843-479-9001 ext. 349


Thomas Dew Jr.

Lt. Dew has been in the fire service since 1993. He serves as A-Shift Company Officer.

843-479-9001 ext. 321


Thomas Catoe

Lt. Catoe has been in the fire service since 2013. He serves as B-Shift Company Officer.

843-479-9001 ext. 321


Will Parrish

Lt. Parrish has been in the fire service since 2018. He serves as C-Shift Company Officer.

843-479-9001 ext. 321