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Prevention Programs


We provide residential property checks known as S-77 checks for citizens who are away on vacation or that request that we keep a check on their property. These S-77 checks are mostly performed at night, but may be done during the daylight hours if requested.


This unit consists of two (2) officers with their K-9 partners. K-9 Max is a European long hair German Shepherd specializing in detection and tracking. K-9 Aron specializes in explosive detection and tracking. This unit has the responsibility of not only providing these specialized services for the City of Bennettsville but also for the Marlboro County School System. Both K-9 officer and partners visit the schools on a weekly basis.

Victim’s Advocate Services

Law enforcement Victim’s Advocates are trained and dedicated to serve those who are victims of crimes, family members of victims of crimes. Victims advocates provide emotional and moral support, refer victims to appropriate service agencies and providers, ensure victims’ legal rights are protected and advise victims of case status and progress. The Victim’s Advocate also helps to prepare victims for court and provide court advocacy and accompaniment as well as provide applications and information to victims concerning South Carolina crime victims’ compensation.
Critical Incident Stress Management

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) is a comprehensive, integrated system for the mitigation of critical / traumatic incident stress. The goals of this program include reducing the incidence, duration and severity of traumatic stress, reducing the impairment from traumatic stress, returning officers and other personnel to adaptive functioning and facilitating access to continued care.