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The Gulf

"Did you know?"

"The Gulf" Heritage tells the story of the colored business district, aka "The Gulf", in Bennettsville, South Carolina. For over 100 years, "The Gulf" was  a place where African American  professionals overcame many challenges and obstacles in a time when there were little-to-no opportunities for people of color. Visionary bankers and financial wizards saw needs and fulfilled them. There were dentists, physicians, pharmacists, educators, ministers, attorneys, farmers, and other business persons who contributed to the prosperity of " The Gulf". Prior to integration, it was also the only place that people of color had to go for entertainment and relaxation. Sometimes there would be 200 to 300 people in the area on the weekends. " The Gulf" was a prime example of how democracy and freedom work and how, in just one generation after emancipation, people of color were able to own property and start businesses. This time was a Renaissance period for African Americans in Bennettsville and "The Gulf" led the way!

Honoring The Gulf 2023

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