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Enforcement Divisions

Traffic Control

This unit is comprised of four (4) officers operating throughout the City of Bennettsville. These officers have the responsibility of providing vehicle safety and awareness to all in the City of Bennettsville. They are also responsible for safe traffic control.


We presently have six (6) officers in the Investigation Division. A member of the command staff supervises these investigators. There are three (3) personnel in Criminal Investigations and three (3) in Narcotic Investigations. Our Criminal Investigators are certified in Crime Scene and Homicide Investigations.

We now possess some of the best audio and visual surveillance equipment for our Investigation Division. We have Multi-Jurisdictional status with agreements with numerous outside agencies.


The Special Operation Response Team (SORT) is comprised of nine members. These officers are highly trained and certified to respond to any high-risk situation. They are trained for the purpose of serving High Risk Warrants, Hostage Situations and the removal and extraction of suspects in such situations.