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Public Utilities

Utility Operations

The Utility Department is responsible for operation and maintenance of the City owned electric, water, wastewater and natural gas facilities.

Utility Billing

The Public Utility Billing division is responsible for all activities related to accurately generating and collecting all utility bills for City customers. The meter readers read all electric, gas and water meters and connecting and disconnecting services, as necessary. The customer service personnel are responsible for explaining billing questions, establishing new accounts and generating work orders for field crews. The Manager of Utility Billing oversees the Utilities Billing division.

The Bennettsville utility billing department accepts debit and credit cards for payment. The accepted cards are Visa, Master Card and Discover.

Our mission is to provide professional, accurate, friendly services to our commercial and residentital customers/citizens when reading meters, establishing new services, billing, and collecting payments; to assist customers/citizens with questions; and to interact with all internal departments in a manner that will enhance the productivity and effeciency of the city to ensure a benenficial outcome for all.

We will strive to uphold this mission by going above and beyond expectations (within established guidelines and procedures) in the hopes that newcomers, visitors, and customers have a positive experience with City Hall either in person or by phone when interacting with the Utility Billing Department.

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