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School Programs


The Bennettsville Police Department facilitates this after school program, which consists of three police officers. These officers are responsible for providing three hours of Drill and Ceremony, Physical Fitness Activities, Tutoring, and Counseling.

The goal of this program is to begin a process that will teach the students discipline, responsibility, better self-esteem, and an opportunity to continue their education. This program also allows the students an opportunity to interact with their Police Mentors and share personal problems that may have led them to their present problems.

The program is designed to enroll a maximum of twenty students. This is a voluntary program and the students must have their parents consent. They must attend daily and follow all of the rules and guidelines set, or the students will be discharged from the program and a ten-day suspension will commence. Police Officers responsible for the program act as mentors and will counsel the students in the concerns of morals and good standards of life. The students are introduced to things such as attitudes, grooming. communications, and conflict resolutions. Parents are able to meet with the Officers before their children attend the program, keeping in mind that this program is structured to be very strict.


Currently we have two Police Explorer Posts. One is at the Marlboro County High School, Post 650 and the other is at Stevens Christian Academy, Post 640. The Explorer Posts are made up of young people between the ages of 14 and 21.

The program is designed to provide students who have an interest in Law Enforcement as a career with the opportunity to gain an up close look and a hands on experience into the daily activities of Police Officers. The program includes Law Related Education, aide along program and also consists of the cadets participating in mock police events.

The explorers assist the BPD in all aspects of policing such as crowd control, traffic control, crime prevention and much other community oriented programs. They lean all job related tasks and take many informative field trips such as to the SC Police Academy, SLED Headquarters, SC Department of Corrections and many others.

Crime Stopper Boxes

The Bennettsville Police Dept. is committed to proactive measures to aide in the reduction of School violence. Through prevention and intervention our goals are to keep students in school and to maintain a safe environment that’s conducive to learning.

On every school campus there is a communication network among students that gives them the ability to prevent and solve crimes in school. However, due to the stigma that’s attached with being seen talking to the Police or an Administrator, students are reluctant to report criminal activities. Studies suggest that students and citizens in general are more apt to report criminal activities if their identity is not compromised.

The Crime Stopper’s Boxes are designed to promote student’s involvement In crime prevention through anonymity. If a student has knowledge of a crime that has occurred or is about to occur, we ask that they place this information in one of the Crime Stopper’s Boxes that will be located on every hall. Students are not required to leave their names, unless they wish.


We have assigned officers to the Bennettsville Middle School and the Marlboro County High School to help in the prevention of crime and to educate students about the field of law enforcement. These officers are permanently assigned on a school year basis providing services to the students as well as staff and administration. Numerous classes are taught daily. The officers also provide a curriculum to help in the education of law enforcement.

Officer Read Program

This program is designed for Police Officers and Police Department Staff to go into the schools and assist in reading to the children Each officer will read for one (1) hour per week.

The School Administration feels that this will be a great help to the students. This program is also designed to enhance community relations between students and officers. It is a proactive approach to help encourage kids to see officers as their friends.